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Take The High Road: Choose To Love

Resentment, retaliation and revenge all lead to an unhappy and unfulfilled life. My guess is this is not the life you are consciously trying to create. Such responses to people and situations we believe have wronged us are a poor use Read More →

Creating Habits For Continued Progress

In this less than 5 minute video training, you'll find out why you must define your habits before they define you. You will be given actionable steps to take to begin defining and refining your habits for success right away. Watch the Read More →

Love: A Cure For Offence

In the age we live in it is increasingly easier to be offended, angered or hurt by people; their words and actions. The business and working environment can be fierce. Ruthless individuals are sometimes willing to Read More →

Fight For Your Focus

Are you ambitious? Do you have many items on your ‘things to achieve’ list? Do you find that there are many things you want to accomplish but yet experience frustration with numerous demands competing for your time and attention? If you Read More →

Guard Your Time. Guard Your Life.

Time Is What Life Is Made Of!  Your existence and experience of life can only be measured in the context of time. Time can be broken down into years, which are made up of months, and months which are made up Read More →

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